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Emergency veterinarians are exposed to a wide gamut of issues, and often the sickest of the sick. Given that specialists are often unavailable at 1 am, it is essential that you have access to the latest Emergency & Critical Care resources available.

100’s of Resources

Let’s face it – who has time ‘in the moment’ to work out complex drug doses, or learn about new medications when a patient needs urgent intervention!

We’ve collated cheat sheets, protocols, CRIs and more – ready for you when you need them.

Find the latest research in Emergency & Critical Care

Snake envenomation, tick paralysis, emergency burns, smoke inhalation and more!

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In emergency and critical care, or get your hands on valuable resources for your general practice.

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Mingle with like-minded emergency vets from around the world.

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With on-demand training and development programs.

Scientific Committee

We are here to help build the future of emergency medicine and critical care. The scientific committee was established to guide the development of emergency medicine within hospitals and vet practices.

We’d like to be able to help you save the sickest of pets by giving you access to a wide range of useful resources on the VetAPedia platform.

The committee is made up of four highly experienced emergency and critical care veterinarians whose purpose is to review and approve clinical guidelines, provide expert opinion, and answer any questions you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with any emergency or critical care problem, and don’t be shy to give us any feedback or guidance either.

Our dream is to make this a place where veterinarians can collaborate and improve the outcomes for the patients we care for.

Dr. Rob Webster

Director & Veterinary Specialist

VetAPedia Testimonials

Penguin Veterinary Clinic

‘Info re burn victims … so good! Thank you’

Dr. Abhishek

‘Thank you very much for this valuable information.’

Greencross Vets

‘Thank you for the great articles, I have printed and left in a prominent place in the hospital for all our vets to access.’


What is VetAPedia?

VetAPedia is a collection of resources, journal reviews, veterinary blog articles and clinical content, designed specifically for Veterinary professionals.

When will new resources be added to VetAPedia?

We will continue to share new resources on a monthly basis and will inform you by email when new content becomes available.

How do I sign-up to VetAPedia?

What can I expect from VetAPedia?

Our vision is to advance the field of emergency and critical care in order to ensure patients receive the highest level of care. To achieve this, we will share exclusive resources developed in collaboration with the world’s foremost leaders in the industry.

Can I provide feedback, ideas or suggestions for content in VetAPedia?

Our resources are designed to continually develop over time as the veterinary industry sees medical advances. If you would like to provide your feedback, please contact us using the feedback form on any page of VetAPedia.

Who can access VetAPedia?

Access to VetAPedia is currently restricted to registered Veterinarians. We are looking for expressions of interest for other parties who may wish to become involved with accessing VetAPedia. To express your interest in accessing exclusive VetAPedia resources, please fill in the feedback form on any page of VetAPedia.

Who are the authors?

To be eligible to submit content to VetAPedia, our Directors and Senior Veterinarians must have practiced in the field of Emergency and Critical Care for a minimum of five years and be able to demonstrate expertise and technical skill. All resources are passed through a strict internal peer-review process before release.

How do I change my password?

Navigate to and click on Forgot Password. Enter in your email address and you will receive a link to create a new password via email.

What is VetAPedia?

VetAPedia is a collection of resources, journal reviews, veterinary blog articles and clinical content, designed specifically for Veterinary professionals.

How do I login to VetAPedia?

Visit and sign in on the right hand side under Login.

I am having technical issues with VetAPedia, what should I do?

Please submit your technical issue using the feedback form on any page of VetAPedia.

Who is the author of the content on VetAPedia

The authors of the content on this website are veterinarians from Animal Emergency Australia’s group of companies – Animal Emergency Service, Perth Vet Emergency, Pet ICU and Improve International Australia.

Fluid Therapy Chart and Video Series

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